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Unusually efficient,
effective project management.

When projects pile up, people buckle down and perspective is lost. To create business intelligence, we survey the broader relationship between clients, projects and managers. Reveal hidden patterns. And orchestrate actionable strategies towards greater adaptability, efficiency and profitability.

Suspect: The Client

Love ‘em? Leave ‘em?

You can’t do business without them. Or, could you do better? We crunch the data and critique the dynamics to ensure your client relationships aren’t working against you—then offer solutions that benefit everyone. Or, in rare cases, we help provide exit strategies that won’t cost you future business relations.

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Suspect: The Manager

Accounting for human nature.

People aren’t born project managers. Typically, they are experienced engineers, architects and IT professionals who use their personalities to take charge of projects or non-operational company events. Feeding them the right types and amount of work takes a keen eye and open ear. Even today, HR departments struggle to understand the project manager’s primal motivations.

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Suspect: The Project

Every one is different.

Projects are like people: Some are flagships with well-defined scopes. Others are more design than build, or foundational efforts building toward something else. Big or small, cost leaders or career makers—the value of something greater. A single project must be dictated by how it fits into your firm’s larger landscape.

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  • “I have worked with Delrae during my company’s conversion to Vision. She continues to customize the system to meet our unique needs as they arise. She provided very thorough training for the marketing staff and her extensive technical knowledge of the program has benefited our marketing department tremendously. The conversion process would have been a lot more painful without Delrae. Not only is she knowledgeable but she is always willing to help and her calm and professional demeanor was beneficial through what could have been a stressful time.”

  • “Delrae was instrumental in organizing, directing, and training the company-wide marketing staff to understand and begin using the Deltek Vision database at Psomas. She developed training materials, had weekly GoTo meeting training sessions, and helped us individually to understand and begin using this system. She tailored the database to our needs and coordinated with other departments that use this system.”

  • “Delrae is a detailed oriented individual who is very resourceful and informed on the particulars of the industry. I watched her convert our finance management software with great success.”

  • “Delrae was hired as a consultant to our firm to do a systems audit and to provide training and consulting work for us. In the short time that I’ve known/worked with her, she has proven herself to be very knowledgeable of not only our system but of best practices in our industry. Her insight has helped us to develop new strategies on how to best utilize our system and I look forward to working with her more closely in the coming months. If a solution is not ready at her fingertips she will work with me to resolve the issue until we are satisfied that all concerns have been met. She is always friendly and professional, and is very accommodating to our busy schedules. She definitely adds value and is helping our firm to become more efficient.”

  • “I had the opportunity to work with Delrae in 2008 and 2009. She spearheaded our conversion to Deltek Vision, and managed it throughout a very aggressive time schedule. She also continued to maintain the system after the conversion. She is an excellent trainer and is very innovative. A software conversion can be a very stressful process, Delrae’s experience and calming nature helped us to get through the process with minimal trauma. I very much enjoyed working with her.”

  • “Delrae is a knowledgeable and tireless worker. As Financial Systems Manager she was the expert behind our Vision software. As this was a new product for our company, there were many questions from the end users, but she would never fail in getting our questions answered in a timely manner.”

  • “Delrae’s knowledge of computer systems and her leadership abilities were extremely helpful to me. She made me feel like I was part of something big, and excited about my work. She is patient, sophisticated, generous of her time and talent and personable; one of the people in my life that I really came to admire.”

  • “We hired Delrae to convert a subsidiary from Wind2/FMS to Deltek Vision and to convert the parent company from Deltek Advantage to Deltek Vision. Delrae handled everything efficiently and effectively. Implementation was on schedule and budget due largely to Delrae’s project management skills and effectiveness as a trainer. Delrae is a pleasure to work with; working effectively with all levels of staff. I would highly recommend Delrae for Deltek/Vision consulting services.”

Rhian Arvidson / Corporate Marketing, Psomas
Shannon Bond, CPSM / Business Development Manager, Psomas
Luis Fuentes / Sr. Systems Administrator, Psomas
Eddie Youn / Financial & CRM Systems Manager, Psomas
Jessica Seacrest / Accounting Manager, Psomas
Matt Clark / Vice President, Psomas
Rosemary Wagner / Office Manager, HTG Architects
Loren Sokolow /
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